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Debtsadhu is your financial guide. We help you find and connect with the lenders who would accept your financial profile and offer you the help you need in paying off your collection or a past due debt.

If we can't help you, we will guide you on how you can be helped.

Why Debtsadhu?

Few of the many reasons why you should choose Debtsadhu 

What are my Options?

Debtsadhu offers you various options to choose from, based on your credit, requirements, and financial profile


Debtsadhu helps you save time by working on your behalf and finding the lender that would lend you the money you need.

Debtsadhu protects you from multiple credit checks by submitting your profile only to the lender that your financial profile fits to.

Debtsadhu helps you get the best possible offer from its lender's network, based on your credit and banking profile.


Debtsadhu helps you get out of collections and build your credit by consolidating multiple collection debts into one payment unsecured personal loan. This is best for customers who have multiple debts in collections and are looking to come out of collections and build their credit.


Debtsadhu helps you get a quick affordable loan by leveraging the value of your car. This is best for customers who are not the home owners or don't have the best credit to qualify for an unsecured loan. It can be used to pay off your collection debts or for a small personal loan.*

Credit building

Debtsadhu helps you build your credit without taking a loan or adding a new debt. This is good for customers who are looking to build their credit for better loan opportunities or looking to qualify for a mortgage in the near future.*

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Customer Testimonials

We believe in letting our customers define our sincerity to help them

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"You are so amazing. Thank you for your help. No one has ever offered me help in any way as you have done for me. You truly are a good person."

Avatar 99

"If you ever have any debt problem please give Debtsadhu a call. I know for a fact that they will certainly give you the best solution they can and trust me, Shiv, the owner himself, will not just hear your case but he will take care of it as his own!"

Avatar 87

"Thanks for everything you've done. If any one asks how I've been treated, I will tell them I was treated like a King. Thank you very much." 

Karen- BC

Dan - ON

Leo - ON


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